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Beechwood Agri Services is a full service licensed and bonded organic elevator in the province of Ontario. Beechwood Agri Services is able to provide custom drying, storage, cleaning and handling with many payment and selling options to suit your marketing strategy.


Beechwood Agri Services has been handling organic crops since its inauguration in 1997. Today, we now operate three elevators which are fully certified organic. Each location has unique capabilities that add value to Beechwood Agri Services' in different ways. Today, our Parkhill location acts as our primary organic storage location and is 100% dedicated to organic storage with approximately 350 000 bushels of storage. Our Ailsa Craig location is dedicated to processing organic and non-GMO food grade soybeans. In the past year we made a substantial investment updating our processing line, adding a robotic packaging line and new warehouse. This modernization of our processing line has allowed us to become more efficient. Our Arkona location has a steam flaker allowing us to steam flake a variety of products. This mill operates primarily as conventional and non-GMO storage but is certified organic as well.

Beechwood Agri Services strives to meet all of the needs of our organic customers by providing seed and inputs as well as grain marketing expertise. We strive to work with our growers and listen to their needs and we understand the variability that comes with organic crop production. That is why we have structured our contracts to be based on acres instead of bushels. Our goal is to establish long term relationships and to be able to market all of the crops in your rotation and help you get paid a fair price for all of your crops. 


In recent years, there has been greater organic price discovery and resources available to track prices in the industry. We are working closely with Mercaris to help bring you national organic prices on a weekly basis. We hope to be able to provide a more broad spectrum on the current position of the organic market on a more national level. Check in frequently to your Grain Marketing page for current prices and market information. 


Beechwood Agri Services has a wide selection of organic seed and crop inputs. Click here to learn more.


Stay up to date on our organic prices. Click here to learn more.


Beechwood Agri Services offers full service organic grain handling from storage to drying and custom cleaning. Click here to learn more.

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