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Grain Handling

Beechwood Agri Services handles a full line of organic crops including; wheat, barley, oats, peas, corn and soybeans. During harvest we accept wet corn and wheat and offer extended receiving hours from 8am until 8pm to help keep you harvesting. We are able to receive your crops as you harvest them and ensure you are paid within 10 days for those crops. 


Beechwood Agri Services offers custom organic grain drying in Parkhill.  Please check with Beechwood Agri Services' organic manager for complete drying charges. Our drying rates are competitive with standard elevator drying rates. 

Standard Drying Charges: $24.46/MT for 10 point removal

Custom Seed Cleaning

Custom seed cleaning is offered for various commodities. Please call to inquire about pricing for other commodity seed cleaning. Our cleaning facility includes; cleaner, belt sorter, de-stoner and colour sorter. 

Custom seed cleaning rates: Wheat: $60.00/MT

                                                    Soybeans: $80.00/MT

Prices are in Canadian dollars. HST applies to all grain services.


Beechwood Agri Services offers commercial storage for organic crops, with elevation charges when crop is custom dried and sold outside of Beechwood Agri Services or if the product is stored and sold outside of the facility.

Rate: $0.15/bu/month


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