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Our mission is to be the preferred partner in the food and grain value chain. We will accomplish this by taking raw commodities from our producers and adding value for our end users in a way that is beneficial to all involved.  We will work in an environment that is safe and prosperous for our staff, customers, and shareholders.


Beechwood Agri Services  opened its first location in Ailsa Craig, Ontario in July of 1997.  Founded by Paul Kremer and brothers John and Fred O'Neil Beechwood Agri Services started out with 3 employees and  the goal of operating a full-service grain business; offering grain marketing, grain handling and grain storage. 

Twenty five years later, Beechwood Agri Services now owns and operates 2 branches and employs 12 full time employees.  In 2002 the company purchased the second branch located at 123 Parkhill King Street in Parkhill, Ontario.  This location currently functions as the head office.  All of the conventional marketing is done from this location. In 2016 the Parkhill location was designated as the primary organic storage location and now handles only organic products.  


Beechwood’s flag ship location in Ailsa Craig serves as an IP Soybean storage and processing facility. In 2017 major infrastructure upgrades were completed including a new warehouse for better product storage and loading as well as installation of an automated robotic bagging line. These improvements have allowed Beechwood to increase its processing capacity and efficiency without increasing staff. Beechwood Agri Services’ state of the art processing line includes: cleaner, belt sorter, destoner, magnets and color sorter.   With this equipment we can ensure a high-quality product.   Beechwood Agri Services runs a full food grade Identity preserved program(CIPRS) and is dedicated to continual improvement of products and services. 


At Beechwood Agri Services, we are committed to providing our customers with top-quality products, suited to their every need. To better serve our customers and clients, we maintain a controlled food-grade monitoring system to ensure all regulatory requirements are acheived.

Beechwood is certified by the following quality and traceability certification programs:

  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)

  • CIPRS (Certified Identity Preserved Recognition System)

  • CGSP (Canadian Grain Sampling Program)

With these programs, our quality control representatives consistently work towards improvements, certifications, and any required upgrades for food safety requirements. It is through the use of these programs that Beechwood Agri Services is able to trace a product from seed to processing, allowing us to offer 100% customer satisfaction with their product.

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